AC Service & Repair In Lucknow

Fidelity Solutions Provide Best AC Service & Repair In Lucknow For All Brands Samsung, Daikin, Hitachi Ogeneral, Whirlpool, & All Other Brands.



Lucknow’s humid climate makes air conditioners essential. The machine can, however, develop problems with regular use. Additionally, your AC needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to provide proper cooling. With Fidelity Solutions’ expert AC services in Lucknow, you can enhance your air conditioning experience.

From the experts at the top, our AC repairs come with a warranty

Fidelity Solutions has partnered with AC mechanics across Lucknow to provide efficient service. Home and office owners in Lucknow can benefit from these services. At Vibhuti Khand, regular service, full service, and repair are available at the best prices. Our AC removal and installation services are available when you move to Lucknow. We provide a thirty-day warranty on air conditioner service. Depending on the type of service and the duration, the charges are predetermined. In Gomiti Nagar and other commercial areas, these services might be useful. After undergoing background checks, Fidelity Solutions AC technicians become part of the team. We therefore guarantee quality AC servicing by experienced Fidelity Solutions partners in Lucknow.

We Provide Best AC Service & Repair In Lucknow.

General Service₹ 350
Wet Service₹ 550
Jet Pump Service₹ 800
Installation Charge (Window AC)₹ 600
Uninstallation Charge (Window AC)₹ 500
Installation Charge (Split AC)₹ 1300
Uninstallation Charge (Split AC)₹ 750
Gas Charging 1 Tonne₹ 1800
Gas Charging 1.5 Tonnes₹ 2200
Gas Charging 2 Tonnes₹ 2600
Window A/C Cooling Coil Repair₹ 700
Split A/C Cooling Coil Repair₹ 800
Circuit / PCB Repair Charge₹ 2000
Inspection Charges₹ 300
  • Inspection charges will be applicable in case the customer decides not to proceed with service after inspection is done and estimate given
  • The service charge depends on the scope of work.
  • Prior to purchasing spares/materials, please confirm the make and rates with the vendor.
  • In the comment field when booking the service, please specify the make and model, and any existing issues.
  • Gas refills and material charges are separate from service charges. Upon approval by the user, the service partner will continue such additional work.
  • A 30-day service warranty is offered on AC repairs. Should there be any issues with the order or completed service, the customer should contact customer service immediately.
  • In the event that no service is provided after the inspection, we will charge 300.

We will assign your request to the AC technician closest to you.

  • We will send a technician to your home or workplace to provide service.

  • Materials will be purchased only after a cost estimate has been given to you, and additional work will be undertaken only with your approval

  • You can pay online or in cash on the day of the event. When booking, please select your preferred option.